Streetwear’s undeniable impact and influence in culture, universally, has elevated from the streets and propelled to runways in Paris, Milan and the UK just to name a few. LA bred creative, David Sabastian is evolving Streetwear’s impact to implement change through fashion by targeting contemporary trends. Sabastian is making a conscious effort to turn hypebeasts into activists through the lens of a philanthropic aficionado who has witnessed homeless, disparity & voicelessness firsthand. The goal is to tap into the formula of conscious capitalism to bring power directly into the hands of the people.


The aim is to expand the visibility of the Skid Row crisis beyond a one-off experience

This mission will be carried out through the distribution of thought-provoking t-shirts with hard hitting messages that uplift not only the individual wearing them but the passerby who lay eyes on them as well. Percentage of net sales will go into programs we develop to make an everlasting impact within SkidRow. The altruism expands to future charitable events, the distribution of toiletries and implementation of health-focused initiatives over the course of the years to follow. Sabastian is using his past identity to aggressively shift the paradigm by laying down the stepping stones of a blueprint that will help eradicate and not just displace the poverty in Skid Row.